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Web design + creative business development studio
based in Seattle, WA & Kaua’i, Hawai’i. 

Social Media Management

Logos & Graphics

Business Development

Crafting unique web + brand creations to express your ideas +
engage your dream audience.

There is a creative spark that exists within us all.

That spark, begun the moment we were conceived, blooms outward from the belly of existence, tendrils entwined with the greater whole, shining with potential, connecting us to all that is.

My magic is to help you weave a beautiful, visual story to share your unique spark with others with clarity and simplicity.

We do this through our work on your business, project, social media or website.

~Brittney Bergeron

Need a Website?

Design the site of your dreams.

After our first Design Session together, we create mockups so you can visualize the new site and be sure it’s exactly the way you want it to be.

From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

If you already know what you want, we’ll make it happen. If you need support figuring that out, we can help you using our collaborative creative process!

Unique, Stunning Websites  |  Brand Identity Development
Logos, Images & Graphics  |  Copywriting & Storytelling

Enhance your online presence

Get your business on Google.

Create good first impressions with potential clients & customers.  As recommended by Forbes, a quality google listing will immediately improve your visibility, information consistency, gather data & insights about visitors. 

Social Media Content Creation & Management

Highlight the best of you to share with your network. Grow your audience & followers.

Gorgeous, high-end posts and content created specifically for you and your brand. Includes image sourcing and usage rights, SEO, copywriting, keywords, hashtags and links designed to capture the hearts and minds of your audience by creating meaningful, relevant content and featuring the beauty of your brand. You’ll see a consistent increase your social media following with this service.


Monthly Strategic Business Development + Analysis Sessions

A tune-up for your business. 

Perfect for anyone who wants to use real data & information about their website & social media visitors to inform their business decisions & strategy. 

Catalyzing Creativity & Collaboration

Discover Your Color Palette

Find Fonts + Typography

Design a Logo + Icon Set

Build Your Brand

Let’s Create Something Together.

Our Clients

‘When I realized I wanted to start my own interior decorating business doing what I love and am naturally gifted at, I didn’t know where to start. Brittney helped me get my business ideas out of my head and onto paper so I could manifest them into a reality. Over six months we created a beautiful website and brand identity which gave me the self confidence and organization to move forward towards starting to work in my desired field.

I write this testimony in gratitude to Brittney because of what she helped me build. I am now doing decorating full-time and have never been happier. My friend, and fellow client of hers call her our business and marketing guru! I highly recommend working with her if you are in need of business support as well empowerment and creative direction. Mahalo Brittney for your amazing work!
Nora Skeele

Designer, Nora Skeele Studio | NoraSkeeleStudio.com

Brittney’s facilitation style achieves a perfect balance of effectiveness in meeting objectives and tasks while also understanding root motivations and passion helping to achieve a sense of organizational integrity. Every voice was heard and somehow we were able to maintain order, flow and efficiency required to achieve our goals…personally, she is a true delight to work with.

Nancy Zamerowski

Founder, Yellow Seed Collaborative

My income has almost doubled since updating my website and starting our monthly Strategic BizDev Consults together. I need Creativity Chrysalis’ web design & BizDev services as much as I need an accountant!
Jonquil Dreadful

Artisanal Hair Architect, Fiercelocks

Brittney is really easy to work with–delightful and positive with good energy. Having promotional material–a website and beautiful cards–has really helped me to feel more confident and professional. I have the proper tools in this more modern era, and I get more valid responses now because of it.
Renee Janton


I…greatly appreciate the space Brittney held for me, other leaders, and the group as a whole – helping us step into each day with clarity and communication.

Ben Provan

Founder, Collaborative Housing Group

A process for reviewing work after completion. 

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