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Brittney Bergeron, Founder

Brittney Bergeron, Founder

Creativity & Collaboration Catalyst

Brittney is a multi-passionate entrepreneur in the fields of creativity, community and consciousness. Her passion for helping jumpstart new collaborations, projects & businesses often takes the form of support in web design & creative business development consulting.

Brittney continued to hone her lifetime excitement for creating healthy, sustainable businesses and projects by earning an MBA from Bainbridge Graduate Institute, with a focus on Sustainable Community Development and design of centers for community, creativity, wellbeing, education and culture. Her BAs in Anthropology and Italian from the University of Washington support her ability to identify leverage points and opportunities for supporting generative communities.

An advanced facilitator of Dynamic Governance and member of The Sociocracy Consulting Group, Brittney’s work has brought her to organizations & projects in Europe, South America and the USA. Also multidisciplinary artist, she specializes in contemplative, participatory installations, and co-creating international artistic collaborations with her contemporaries in Italy.

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Beautiful, Modern, User-Friendly Websites

Healthier People & Teams

Values, Vision, Mission & Next Steps Identified

Improved Communication & Clarity

Toolbox of Best Practices for Teams & Personal Development

Clear Team Roles & Responsibilities

“Road Map” of Next Steps to Achieve Your Vision

Services & Skills

Life & Business Coaching
Values, Vision & Mission Statements
Stakeholder Engagement
Needs Assessments & Identification
Project Management
Action Plans
Vision & Dream Crafting
KATA / Continuous Improvement / Feedback Cycles
Business Plan Creation
Business Strategy & Backcasting
Personal & Leadership Development
Website Design
Organizational & Team Development
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