Empower clarity, efficiency and communication. Enable healthy, vibrant collaboration.

A facilitator brings outside perspective to create a safe space for creative, innovative thinking.

Who Uses Facilitators?

  • Community Organizations
  • Businesses & Non-Profits
  • Teams
  • Collaborations
  • Startups

Facilitators often help with:

  • Creating Action Plans
  • Making Difficult Decisions
  • Issue/Problem Resolution

Modalities & Tools Used

Why use a facilitator?

Similar to a conductor of a symphony, a facilitator conducts the flow of information & ideas. The team or group–the orchestra–becomes better able to focus entirely on exploring their ideas & needs in harmony. Facilitators are also helpful when projects, ideas or communication gets “stuck.”

How much does it cost?

Initial 30-minute consultation is free. Costs vary depending on the length, amount & preparation facilitated meetings & sessions. Contact Brittney for a consultation & quote.

Facilitation Services

Brittney is an advanced facilitator of Sociocracy & Dynamic Governance, and a member of The Sociocracy Consulting Group.

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Empower Your Teams & Projects

A third-party perspective, partnered with tools and techniques for moving forward turns dead-ends into doorways.