Swell Space
Swell Space is a co-working office space & community business hub. It includes:

  • Kitchen: a commercial, collaborative kitchen
  • Co-Work : a shared, collaborative office space
  • Storefront: a front desk & storefront for companies using the kitchens

Working with Brittney is a truly productive & positive experience. She helped us create systems for key pieces of our new & growing business such as employee tracking, information databases & intentional company culture. Brittney is great at looking at any business and identifying its unique needs, then helping the team create a plan for reaching its goals. She expanded our comfort zone and supported us with positive, honest feedback throughout our learning process. I highly recommend working with her, as you’ll benefit both personally and professionally. 


Jessika Tantisook

Co-Founder, Swell Space & Starvation Alley Farms

Services Provided

Managerial Consulting & Organizational Systems Creation:

Road Map

  • Assessment of Current State
  • Assessment of Needs to Transition & Grow Space
  • Identify Next Actions for business
  • Employee Assessment & Coaching Sessions

Employee & Manager Handbook Creation

  • Identify, Clarify & Describe Business Systems & Processes
  • Create Job Descriptions & Contracts: Manager &  Housekeeper
  • Contracts for other entities
  • Employee Training & Reference Guide

Weekly Management Consulting & Coaching

  • Management Plan, Feedback, Reviews, Employee Oversight
  • Hiring Strategy & Process, Contracts for Handbook
  • Standards, Best Practices & Expectations for Management style
  • Building Corporate Culture
  • Problem-Solving Support & Assistance

Business Structure Creation

  • Define Business Values, vision, mission, Culture
  • Kitchen Business Plan
  • Co-Working Business Plan