Jason Scullion” I had the pleasure of working with Brittney when she facilitated a planning workshop for our nonprofit, Wild Forests and Fauna. Due to Brittney’s thoughtful efforts and extensive tool chest of solid approaches to facilitation and institutional development, she was able to successfully lead our group in reaching all our goals. Without question, if Brittney was not facilitating our group we wouldn’t have achieved such success. If you’re looking for a facilitator who is thoughtful, talented, and enjoyable to work with, talk to her.”


Jason Scullion, Wild Forests and Fauna

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In July of 2013, I co-created & facilitated a 7-day workshop building organizational systems for scientists & environmentalists from around the world working to conserve over 10,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest in Peru. Together, we formed the foundations of the Amazon Research & Conservation Center and the Amazon Research & Conservation Association.

Workshop Objectives


  • Facilitate 6 days of 3 hour workshop sessions, oversee flow & team process
  • Create workshop agenda, structure team process
  • Assist with workshop preparation, flow and task delegation
  • Ensure workshop process and outcomes are properly documented (photos, notes, final documents) and workshop roles and support are delegated (note taker, time keeper, action item recorder)
  • Promote conscious team building (dynamic governance) and provide exercises that enhance group cohesion

Key Tools, Skills & Processes Introduced & Practiced


  • Template, Organization, Co-Creating Agendas

Meeting Flow

  • Opening & Closing Circle
  • Facilitation, Note-Taking/Secretary, Timekeeper
  • “Do, Defer, Delegate”
  • Proposals
  • Short & long proposal formats

Aims/Project Management

  • Next Actions, Action Lists, Next Action Delegation

Team Building

  • Mission, Vision & Aims Creation
  • Defining Roles & Responsibilities
  • Generating Team Agreements

Continuous Improvement (“Kaizen / KATA”)

  • After-Action Reviews, Facilitator Feedback, ARTifacts