Community Supported Arts: The intersection of creativity, community and culture. 

 We empower creativity.
We believe everyone is an artist, and we artists need nurturing to express our truth, craft our art and follow our dreams.

Our vision is a world where people acknowledge that everyone is an artist, a world where we’re empowered to reach our full potential, express our truth, and craft our art in ways that are sustainable, equitable and thoughtful.

Our mission is to empower sustainable, socially engaged, contemplative creativity by connecting art lovers with local artists, building a vibrant Creative Community of thinkers, dreamers, artists and appreciators.
We do this by connecting local artists with their surrounding community, simultaneously empowering individual and community creative exchange. This happens through our artist meetups and Art Parties: celebrations, exchange and learning experiences involving local talent and putting fresh, quality art in the hands of art lovers.

CSA is a vibrant Creative Community of thinkers, dreamers, artists and appreciators. By connecting art lovers with local emerging artists, we celebrate and nurture creativity in all its magnificent forms. An Art Share contains creative works by local artists–visual art, writing, poetry, music, performances, & more. Shareholders also receive tickets to our annual Art Party.

Services Provided

  • Founder & Director
  • Artistic Direction
  • Team Leader
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Marketing


“This CSA is different because it has a social justice & sustainable focus. It’s not just art for art’s sake or art for decoration, it’s trying to attract artists who fit with this theme of a more connected, responsible world…the “sustainability thing.” To me, real art is about something, it makes you feel something, it changes the way you see the world.“   


Andrew Sorkin, The New Hive